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Spring Update. Recaps and other nonsense.

April 2, 2010

I’m bored.  It’s Friday.  I’m at work.  Blog update time! Since we last left you humble readers (all 3 of them), the team has traveled to Chicago Invite and Mudbowl in Talladega, AL.


I could give you a game by game recap of the invite, but I’m not. Instead, I’ll just say, we went 4-0 and nobody scored an upwinder on us all day. We didn’t play as tough as competition as we would have liked however. I believe we were seeded somewhere near 60th out of 62 teams or somewhere around there. After pleading my case to the tournament director, they decided to move us up to 59th. Awesome! Thanks guys. This was the coldest tourney of all time. It seemed like it at least.  The highlight of my day was going to Wal-mart to buy warm dry socks, but the team stuck together and had good sidelines energy despite not being able to feel their feet.

Warms socks are pretty legit.


I really have no clue how the team got to Talladega in one piece; we didn’t lose anyone (Yash was sleeping the whole way).

Tennessee B

We woke up Saturday to a nice Alabama morning. Even though Alabama smells funny, the people are quite nice for the most part. Due to a scheduling change which the TD failed to relate very well to us, Tilt ended up rolling out of their cars and finding out we had a game that started 10 minutes prior. Most of the team was back at the hotel eating French toast sticks and bagels. So with no warmup and an undermanned team we went down to Tennesee B something like 5-2 before getting our legs underneath us and storming off 5 in a row to take the game 7-5. Tennesee also has sick jerseys. Thanks to them for understanding and not assessing points.

Wisconsin B

Yankees unite. The only two teams from North of the Mason-Dixon squared off in an intense game that featured both teams trading upwinders for a while until Wisco got three straight to break the 8-8 tie and take the game 11-8. This game was intense. In a good way. Both teams were fired up with active sidelines yelling and getting excited the whole way. This was the most spirited and intense game we had all weekend. After Saturday the Pimpdags and Tilt enjoyed some flip cup and good times. Good luck to Wisco-B in the series.

Mississippi State

I honestly don’t remember anything about this game other than the score was 13-9, I think we lost the flip, and the score actually got reported as 11-9. They were spirited and a good team to play.

Tennessee A

Wow. Tilt played really well this game, threatening the whole way. Agent Orange finally won 10-8, and we got baited a bit by taking the easy throw that their cup gave us. This trapped us against the crosswind sideline. Then we dropped a handler right behind the cup to get easy swings around it and the problem lessened a bit.

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy this game. Tennessee had one guy whose only job was to call travels. He was the monster in the cup, so sometimes  travel calls were from 30 yards away. There were a lot of legit calls, but also a lot of really questionable ones. This guy must have had some kind of superhuman vision, because even when the pivot foot was in taller patches of grass on a fairly barren field he could see some movement. Never mind  that no one within ten yards could see any movement. Seriously, the guy was half eagle. Most of these calls came mysteriously when we were breaking their cup upwind. Overall, I didn’t care for this team. (Some of the guys were pretty nice).

On Sunday we played a spirited Georgia Tech X and lost 13/12-9? We played well, maybe the best we have all tourney.  Tech won the tourney and we hung tough until their player with the 60 yard laser backhand into the wind won out. They were the most patient and skilled team we played all weekend. After that a decimated Tilt played Rolla, and despite feeling we could win this game, we played really poorly. We couldn’t catch or run and we lost 11-6. Most people just wanted to go home at this point. Rolla is always fun to play though so at least it was an enjoyable loss if there is such a thing. Up next: The SERIES! Until then.

Oh yeah, Giggles broke his nose and continued to play.

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