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Spring Is Almost Here!

February 22, 2010

That means it’s time once again for some ultimate.  This weekend was great for Tilt. We got outside this weekend for two full practices of drills and scrimmaging, plus AJ dancing on a chair to Brittney Spears songs, and then breaking said chair because he fell off too many times (good times). Most  teams in our section have probably not had the luxury of 60 degrees  and sunny, but we have!

We need to get polished as fast as possible; we only have two tourneys before sectionals. Chicago Invite is a month away, and we want to take 17-20 guys. It’s a great sight watching Tilt guys sprint around the indoor track at the rec.  We need to keep doing it and throwing every chance we get.

Anyway, today at practice this rule dispute came up. Someone was standing over a disc on the ground and the marker immediately started stalling. The thrower complained “Hey man, you have to give me a countdown.” Well, both interpretations are wrong.  Here’s the rule as quoted by 11th edition rules.

If an offensive player unnecessarily delays putting the disc into play in violation of rule XIX.B, a defender within three meters of the spot the disc is to be put into play may issue a delay of game warning instead of calling a violation. If the behavior in violation of rule XIX.B is not immediately stopped, the marker may initiate and continue a stall count, regardless of the actions of the offense. In order to invoke this rule, after announcing delay of game, the marker must give the offense two seconds to react to the warning, and then announce disc in before initiating the stall count.

If for some reason you can’t understand that. It means if you are right over the disc, the marker can call delay of game, give the thrower two seconds, and then start stalling.

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