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2009 FallSeason Recap

November 22, 2009

Ok, this will probably be my last post for the semester, so what better way to end than with a long winded rambling season recap. I never put up tournament previews for the fall because by and large they are generally worthless , where rosters are never finalized, and the pools don’t typically have great parity either. This was a weird season for me as I only got to play 3 whole points in practice one day due to a high ankle sprain at Cooler and then a torn ACL in practice the first day back (God I’m kicking myself for the decision to come back that day).

Fall 2009 wasn’t a great season for Full Tilt, nor was it a bad one.  We started off with huge numbers and the veterans were excited at the levels of focus and intenisty  brought to each practice. The numbers slowly faded throughout the semester, as we anticipated. One problem with being a developing program is that we had no one on the team who knew how to effectively keep new people involved during scrimmages when there are 40 people out for practice. Often they did not want to participate even after cajoling them to go in, and giving them affirmation that no one was going to get mad at them for mistakes. It worked out though, as the most competitive rookies ended up being the ones who stuck with it.

We still have no idea where we are at as a team. Essentially, we brought a split squad to every tourney this semester. For next semester there will be 3 pre-sectionals tournaments that people need to go to, no excuses. If you don’t go and you have a shitty excuse then you probably wont be called in for tight game lineups at other tournaments. You might be one of the best players out there, but if you are not going to tournaments then you’re not playing when its  crunch-time.  Nothing personal at all, but chemistry is a huge part of results on the ultimate field. Many people have brought this up as Revolver chose to scrap their normal rotations to give heavy playing time to their horses in  finals and some speculated they paid for it. It is ESSENTIAL that we go to a few tourneys full strength.

It seemed that almost every tourney we went to started out strong and then fizzled. We need more than 1o able bodied players. Also, focus on sidelines needs to improve if you are playing. I know it’s tempting to jack around with others when we bring a lot of people to watch, but it just feels disrespectful if you’re not involved in the game. I’m not trying to preach, but certain people on the team have come up to me and complained about it. It effects team morale, which is paramount. Also, I got reports from others on the team about being effected by other teams call and response cheers. First of all, don’t let a team’s cheer after every score get you down. Either get angry by it, or just realize that most teams that do call and response cheers look dumb.

The club season was interesting in that two teams using the vert stack made finals. I was impressed with Revolver’s O and ability to swing the disc. Chain seemed to grind the open side for hucks. Chain is also the most athletic team in the game and they knew it, so that helps. We run vert, but have to approach it differently than Chain because we are shorter and quick, so we have to use our break side effectively. We’re not gonna pull down the 50-50 discs at a really high rate.

The 2007 (6)?( I can’t remember) Carleton offense is still one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I will post something in a few weeks aobut working out and not becoming fat over winter for spring season, but for now, happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Blake permalink
    December 1, 2009 1:06 am

    i love u david

  2. Nick permalink
    December 2, 2009 5:45 am

    <('.'<) (>’.’)>

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