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Field spacing: new huddle issue

April 2, 2009

Hey guys,

I don’t know how many of you are regular readers of the huddle, but you should be. There is an article about field spacing on offense and not getting trapped on the sidelines right now that you all should read.

There is a permanent link to the huddle here on our site so it should be easy to get to.

Also, there is now a permanent link to a GREAT ultimate training website at the top of our page in the sidebar. Go there. Check it often.  Get better.

We have a tourney this weekend. I would write up a preview, but basically it can be summed up in this.  We are playing good teams and we have to bring it, especially with our small practices and number of legs we are brining to this tourney.  If you need a pick me up for motivation, follow a few of Zips tips, an old site from when Josh Zipperstein (he was a baller) won a college title with Brown.  I often read a few before tourneys and have for a few years.

Even if we don’t win any games at all this weekend, if everyone goes balls out and we have good offensive flow, we will have improved, which is what matters.

In short,  to steal a line from another ultimate blog out there,

“Haters gonna hate, ballers gonna ball”

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