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Tally Classic Write-up

March 12, 2009

So Full Tilt went down to Tally Classic in Tallahassee, Florida. Our second car rolled in at three in the morning and most of our guys were running on two hours to one hour of sleep at best. Morning on Saturday found us driving around lost as hell on the campus of Florida State (Which is beautiful). After getting to the fields about half an hour late we found we had been moved to the B-pool due to our tardiness.

With our lack of sleep, this was actually a good thing and the first two games were  much closer than they should have been although we were never in danger. All the teams we played in the pool were spirited (thanks Notre Dame -B ). Also due to our tardiness we had 5 games in a row and no byes with most guys running on no food all day.

We won our first 4 games, but lost our 5th to Valdosta State on universe. Things got chippy a bit in the game and we were not very happy with some of the calls made. However, both teams were tired and I am sure that played a part in it. A lot of people I talked to said Valdosta is a pretty cool team.

Somehow we made it into the championship bracket and played Miami of Ohio. We moved on 13-10 after running a normal vert stack set, but using our handler breaks and never stopping flow and never having cutters  holding the disc for more than stall three once we got a break throw. The next game we were really gassed with only 8 healthy players and most of the healthy ones cramping. We played an LSU team that was faster and taller and we had no answer for their 5 and 6 man Ho-stack sets. They beat us pretty easily, but did so with a lot of sportsmanship. Our last game of the day would have us playing Auburn. Auburn runs a lot of vert stack themselves and it seemed tougher to get handler break throws and good flow. Tilt used a good clam defense to go up 10-8 when soft cap was called. Unfortunately fatigue and offensive turns led to Auburn running off four straight on us to claim the game.

Overall, Tally Classic was awesome. Sunny skies and temps around 82 were a perfect way to kick off our week. The tourney was well run and everyone seemed to be pretty friendly. Also, the pizza was pretty good too. Our team actually got like 4 or 5. The only gripe I have would be having to fill out an injury report to get ice. Many people that needed ice were actually denied because someone determined their injury was not serious. I understand ice is expensive, but if teams are paying $250 for a bid it shouldnt cut into the bottom line that much.

Hopefully this tourney expands. I know we will probably be back if it falls on our spring break again.

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