And then there was 10…..errrrr..8.


Flounder hits girls


It was gorgeous outside today. Gorgeous, but windy. The wind was probably around 30 miles per hour at times; it was very gusty.

This weekend is also Polar Bear. I got out to the field around 11:45 to see 20 women standing on the field. At first glance I thought that the rugby team had encroached on our fields. Then a second look proved that they were all holding discs and wayyyy too skinny to play rugby.

I thought maybe Kirsten had somehow recruited 20+ girls for a team and convinced them to be organized. Turns out it was the Illinois Menace, the team from Urbana who had driven over 3 hours to practice in wonderful Carbondale, where it was warm.

We had managed to scrounge together 10 guys for practice by 1:00 p.m. Two of those guys were not even currently playing for the team. Needless to say, it is embarrassing when a team from over 100 miles away can get together more people for practice on your campus than you can. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.