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Fall Season Recap

March 30, 2011

Well, hello again to all our loyal readers!!! (All 3 of them as David put it)  I apologize for it taking FOREVER to get this blog rolling again but as it has come under recent new management (a.k.a. me) I hope you all will forgive me.

Sincerely yours truly, AJ.

Let me start by saying that this last fall was an exciting time for everyone in the Full Tilt world, as well as the Ultimate community itself.  The entire UPA was being re-organized, re-structured and coming under new management.  The Men (Open) and Women’s College Divisions were changed the most; as some regional boundaries changed, teams being shifted into D1 and D3 categories (we are D1) and the “Sectionals” tournament in the spring was replaced with a “Conference” tournament, as well as the road to Regionals was changed entirely.  It’s based on team “Conference” rankings for the entire spring season now kids, or an outright win at Conference, so get PUMPED!

Anyways, we had a number of returning veterans to the squad and the team was very excited to get the year going.  We had a good number of rookies show up at first, a bunch of athletic, cool kids wanting to join this crazy family, hahaha they had no idea what they were in for.  All shenanigans aside, many of the rookies showed potential (as well as some who already had pretty decent ultimate skills) and the team started dreaming of big things to come this spring.  The rookie numbers dwindled, like always, but the “keepers” stayed, and the team was happy about that.  All the rookies were a fantastic addition to the team and were a very nice group of handlers and cutters.

Also, a point of interest to most was that our women were getting their stuff together and forming there own team, they even made it to their own tournament, how exciting! We wish them the best of luck in the future at building upon the good foundations of both clubs.

Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup is always a good first tournament to get our new boys and girls accustomed to tournament play, and is always a great time.  Our team had a very rough first game as we had to play the ISU Alumni team and we almost got donuted.  After that game the captains of the team called an impromptu meeting to talk about sloppy game play and set about to change that.  The next coupled of games went better and we were able to cycle in lots of rookies and the girls on our team got lots and lots of playing time, as it was a co-ed 4:3 tourney. Everyone learned a lot to say the least.  We showed up against the other mixed teams of the tourney but we had a lot of new people so we didn’t win many of the games.  The weekend was still great and was a great way to meet new people and catch up with old friends.  The Gnomes and Lady Gnomes always show everyone a great time and it is much appreciated by everyone.  Also I’m pretty sure that this was the most fun weekend flounder had that semester as him having so many friends up in Normal lol.



The fifth annual Southern Illinois home tournament was a huge success and as usual we had enough people for an X and a Y team, as well as a great showing from our Alumni team, not to forget that flounder wore a crown around all weekend.  Lots of friends made it down for the tournament and we had some tough competition from Missouri S&T, Western and Rose Hulman, as well as the other teams.  As I was on the Y team I couldn’t tell you how the X team did but I heard they had excellent flow among the handlers as well as a good turnout from the rookies.  The Y team had a crucial first round match up on Sunday against Missouri S&T and they took half well, only to have S&T battle back into the game.  It was a hard fought for the rest of the game until a big, open-side huck went up from the Y team and had Danimal pull it down in the end-zone right on the line for the game winning point.

This set up the critical match up for the weekend, Semi-Finals…. Full Tilt X Vs Full Tilt Y!!!  This game might have been one of the most exciting, competitive and nerve racking games that most of us have been in awhile. Both teams came out very fast and very strong, and traded upwind and downwind points but the Y team managed a bit of a lead and took half.  The intense game play continued but exhaustion was setting in and it became more of a mental game.  There were drops on both sides and Y managed to take it to game point and had a chance to score downwind.  We squandered a couple of chances to score but the X team would not let those chances slip.  They converted on a couple for points and tied the game on Universe Point, (12-12).  The Y team took the disc and then tried for the score and the win downfield but couldn’t capitalize.  The X team then marched the disc up field (and upwind) and eventually got right in front of the end-zone. They then had the amazing sense to call a timeout (fantastic move on their part!).  After the timeout was over, X team set up on the field and called “time in”,  the handler on the open side made a up-line cut, (Chris B, on yours truly) beat his defender and caught the disc in the end zone, winning the game on universe point.  Bravo X team, they were to play in the championship game against Rose Hulman (Rose Hulman won) who had just beaten the Full Tilt Alum.  Our X team was exhausted and put up a good fight but eventually lost the game and had to accept a 2nd place finish.

Also, on a side note, the Full Tilt X team had a fantastic cheer! AND best of luck to the Alums next year who, with their swelled numbers, “Swear” they are going to win the tourney next year.

Western Classic

The Western Classic is always a great tournament, run real well by our boys from up north, Mass Hysteria.  Full Tilt showed up to play for this tournament, unfortunately about only 9 people made it.  We played well, 3-1 on Saturday, and had a good showing against all the teams, Northern Illinois, Southern Illinois Edwardsville etc…  Even WIU Alumni, Sunday morning, when half of our team wasn’t there and the other half was still dressed up in suits! Oh, Gentlemen of Leisure  After this debacle, we as a team (with MOSTLY credit to Owl, Giggles and Krohn) stole the western flag! “Sweet defense Hysteria hahaha”, as was quoted from one of the WIU alumni.  The weekend would have been considered a success but…. K-tan flew about 7 feet forward on a defensive layout and broke his collar bone… bummer…. he OK now though! 🙂


Itchfest 2011 was the first time any of Tilt in recent history had gone to Nashville for Vanderbilt’s annual fall tournament.  Many of us were excited to visit the city and see what it and the teams at the tournament had in store for us.  Saturday started off a little slow as we met an old enemy in Tennessee, the team was very excited to play them again and were looking for some vengeance, but it was not to be true. We came out asleep and not intense enough and we couldn’t handle Tennessee’s Vert and couldn’t keep up with the boulder cuts going into the handlers.  They had the right intensity and beat us rather to easily. The next teams we played were Lipscomb and Kennesaw State.  We lost to Lipscomb closely but Tilt came out ready to roll against Kennesaw (who was the 1 seed in our pool) and we beat them in a tightly contested game.  The most memorable moment was probably when Owl jumped about 16 pizza boxes into the air to come down with the disc, off of a huck from Yash, right over his defender.  Sadly (but true to form) Owl “out jumped” his body and bruised his heels on the way down, but he quickly threw a flick to Durbin for a score before sitting down. To end the games on Saturday we had to play Mississippi State, and they might have been the best team we played so far that weekend.  They were tall, fast and could huck the disc, we hung with them and put up some points of our own but they took the game in the end.

Saturday night was rather interesting as Full Tilt exploded onto the downtown Nashville scene and it was a lot of fun.  Sunday morning came a little too early and it pitted us against a very fun and spirit team out of Maryland, Towson.  They were a buncha fun Pandas but there were also talented at Ultimate and beat us.  All in all a very good time down south in Tennessee.

Harvest Moon

What more can be said about the 20th Harvest Moon to describe its pure amazingness.  It is by far the best tournament I’ve ever attended and is always a highlight of everyone’s fall season.  For all of you that haven’t experienced Harvest, it is a Halloween Tournament with college, club, and women teams based in Fayetteville Arkansas. We showed up dressed in cleats, tights, and pantyhose and our costumes for the tournament was Troll Dolls! We played some pretty tough and spirited teams on Saturday which included a team of golfers, soccer hooligans and little kids.  We played well and had wins against the little kids and golfers but the soccer hooligans (mostly soccer players and referees) were a very talented squad out of Tulsa, OK and other places.  We lost to them and were no match for their studs and shifty players but kept up with them in the game.

Saturday night was a fantastic social event and all of our players had a good time.  Many different characters showed up in costumes that night, including the “Coon and Friends”, the Pirates of Panzanse, Quail Man, LeBron James and half of the Rugrats crew.

Sunday morning was much the same as we played a spirited team of traveling carnival people (carnies i feel is much too rude to say) and then we played the all too familiar and lovable vagabonds that make up the Risky Bidness Experience. A very fun game ensued with much heckling on both sidelines as well as from both the teams on the disc, a great way to end our time in Fayetteville.  All in all it was a fantastic weekend, colored by individuals from all over the Midwest and other notable parts of the country.  It is the people and teams that make Harvest Moon a tournament that teams want to come back to again year after year.  See ya in 2011!!

Missouri Loves Company

This years Missouri Loves Company was a big deal, and Tilt was very excited to be a part of it.  Some big named teams were attending and we looked at this tournament as a precursor to the spring and were looking forward to put the word out that Full Tilt was for real and meant business.  That being said, our goals for the weekend slipped a little bit as we met some teams that were good, smart and athletic.  We did our best to play up to these teams’ levels and at times there were bits of greatness and the “flow” that we were looking for.  UW Steven’s point was our first game on Saturday and they were a good team.  We played hard and battled them all game in the cold, dewy morning but Steven’s Point proved the better team and won 11-4.  The next game we got moved to a different field and to put it nicely, it was a piece of garbage.  It was small, crooked, and had a fence on one end.  Tilt was pitted against Colorado State and came out strong but our offense was flustered by different factors and eventually Colorado State took the game 13-10.  The next game we played was against an Oklahoma squad that was familiar in the fact that about half of them had played against us at Harvest Moon (disguised as Soccer Hooligans though lol) and they were very talented.  Despite fantastic solo performances we also lost this game, 11-6.  The last game of the day was against UW Platteville and despite them having the greatest cutter I’ve ever seen in Ultimate (even better than Mr. Lindsley of CUT), we won the game, 11-7.  One a good note, Condor showed up and even played with us and there is a funny picture of Compton’s reaction to getting elbowed in the eyeball below.

Sunday opened up with Tilt hungry for wins and determination to change our results from yesterday.  Our first match was against Nebraska, and they were a solid team, although their numbers were small.  We traded points with them all game and even took the lead later in the game. Our fortunes that weekend were not kind to us however and we lost the game 12-11.  The team was so disappointed in this loss that we couldn’t muster up enough energy to play our last game and we let a heated call-fest against Loyola drop… badly. After that our games were done so half the team left, but the other half stayed to watch the championship game of UW Madison-Hodags Vs Colorado Mamabird.  Both teams played well but Colorado shredded the ‘Dags with their Slut-Stack, eventually dominating the game defensively as well and won the game.  On a side note, it was very nice to have a loud and proud cheering section on our sidelines, let by our very own “FRISBEE MOMMAS!”

All Said and Done, Fantastic Fall Tilt!  We grew in many ways, individually and as a team, our leaders stepped up in their roles and became real focal points of the team, as well as the rest team acted like a sponge and tried to soak it all up.  So proud of everyone and can’t wait to see what happens in the future.


Danimal’s season wrap-up plus my comments.

April 23, 2010

Hey Guys,

Danimal posted a sweet notebook to Facebook so I decided I would put it on the blog. My comments are in italics. – David

We had a great season this year. Your commitment to this team made playing ultimate a fun and enjoyable experience. Everyone who played with or against Full Tilt this year knows how hard we worked to develop our skills. I really want to thank everyone who dedicated so much of their time to Tilt this year:

To our dedicated rookies…

AJ: Your spirit is outstanding. Even when we get down on ourselves you encourage us on the fields and on the sideline. You should continue to keep your composure on the field; it has affected everyone in a positive way. Your friendliness will help this team a lot in the future as our team rebuilds in the fall.

Compton: I’ve never seen you get as pumped as you were this weekend. You played really hard, even against Chicago when some of us had given up. Keep that aggressive mentality in your game and it will pay off. I know many times this year you wanted more playing time then you got, but you still kept your head cool and proved to everyone that you deserve it.

Goggin: You came out to this team with the kind of mentality we usually don’t see until spring. You set the bar high for everyone and expected more for this team than we were able to accomplish. You worked hard to try to bring us to regionals and we came close. Keep your aggressive play up next year and I’m sure you will be able to lead Full Tilt to regionals.

Ben Schott: I remember some of your first practices this year when you had some of the quickest and best timed cuts but couldn’t seem to get a grip on the disc. You stuck with it and improved your game. Your commitment in going to practice and tournaments shows what it takes to minimize our mistakes and make plays. Drops happen; the only way to work on that is practice reading that disc. I hope you continue to burn any defense thrown at us next year.

Mike Krohn: You are a great addition to this team. You came out wanting to play some casual ultimate and have a good time with the team. I’m glad you were willing to put in a serious effort and learned to play at our level. You really kept with us and helped us to work to make a more competitive and serious team. Your skills really developed this year and you have quickly become one of our most versatile players. You have good spirit on the field and play the game respectfully and with humility.

Liz: You came out to support us in almost every practice and tournament. You were really encouraging on the sidelines and kept our spirits up. Hopefully your dedication brings in more girls who want to play and maybe start a women’s team. Thanks for all the up calls.

Michelle: I know there weren’t many opportunities for you to play in the spring, but you still came out to practice when you could and played. Hopefully you’ll be able to play more in the fall next year and stay with the team. We appreciate the time you gave to us.

Amber: For the first month I knew you in the fall I did not like you because you would come over on weekends and eat all of my ramen noodles. In retrospect I laugh because I know you’re really funny. I’m glad you played this year with us and came out to support us at practice and tournaments.

Megan: I know you couldn’t come out to practice or tournaments in the spring because you are taking so many classes. It’s still nice of you to come out to party with us on weekends and keep in touch with the team. I hope you stay with the team next year and go to some fun tournaments in the fall.

Emily: You didn’t come out to practice until spring semester, so you didn’t really get a chance to play much. You still came out to chill with us at practice and in Alabama and we appreciate the support. You do a good job keeping a camera on you so we always have memorable Full Tilt moments. We had a fun time partying with you this year and we’ll miss you in the fall.

Iago, O’Dell: You came out last year, but this is the year you finally came around to the team more. You have some great athleticism and are pretty good in the air too. If you continue to work hard and come out to practice you could be an absolute beast. Also you have an uncanny ability to fall asleep for an entire car ride.

Our committed vets…

Danimal: I know once in a while we butted heads, but it’s because you have such great potential. It makes me sad that you are not coming back to the team, your presence will be sorely missed. So come back next spring! You have great hucks and you cut your hair like bozo the clown as a freshman which is funny as hell.

Flounder: You are the brain of this team. We wouldn’t have gone to a tournament this year if you didn’t keep us organized and focused on our goals. I want to thank you for finally getting an order in for jerseys…they are beautiful. Even though you were sidelined with an injury in the last few weeks of the season you still supported and encouraged us to play hard.

Mojo: It’s too bad you were so motivated to graduate, find a job, and get a head start on a career. Even though you couldn’t join us this spring, you helped us develop into a team in the fall. Your injury sidelined you for the end of fall and that sucks. I know you are going to come out on fire next year and push Full Tilt to be the best we can be.

Yash: You’re a baller and you know it. I’m not sure what you are made out of that allows you to play through 23 fresh stitches, while wearing a dress, and whatever else you put yourself through, but you make it work. You are selfless. Whenever we need a car to go to a tournament it’s your car.  You are an outstanding member of Full Tilt and a great friend to everyone you know.

Blake Brown: You’re passion for physical fitness and nutrition made our team strong this year. Even though we had a good number of injuries, we had players that were willing to go all day without giving up at a tournament. You influenced me to eat healthier when preparing for tournaments and to exercise smarter. Even when you had other things going on that interfered with Frisbee, you would show up to practice ready to play. You pushed this team to be more than I thought we could be this year.

K-Tan: You have great awareness on the field. You are patient with your throws, and tight on defense. Your layouts always inspire me to go after a disc even when it looks out of reach. Your leadership and focus on the line makes our team organized and ready to play. You choose your words wisely when telling people what they need to do differently. You are a great team member and I’m sure you will continue to keep this team strong next year.

Curtis: You’re game-play is aggressive. You’re not afraid to lay out for a D, be the first to jump up for a disc, or be the only one to rush down the field on a pull. You stay in the game mentally too; you’re always anticipating where a disc will be on both offense and defense. You don’t make it to practice much because you work so much, but when you are out on the field you give your best effort every time. You show spirit even when it is tough, and our team is better off because of that.

Chris: You are a silent but deadly player on the team. You know your responsibilities on and off the field. You always give your best effort on the field and it has made a great impact on the team this year. You always seem to catch a disc when it hits you in the hands and it’s because you have spent so much time playing. Your chilly throws keep our offense flowing, and your awareness on defense forces turns. You play the game humbly and with spirit and it helped Full Tilt develop into a competitive club. You always offer to drive to tournaments and we appreciate it.

Danger: I know you worked a lot this year and didn’t play as much as you had hoped. When you did play this year, you played well. You gave the team your best effort every point you played. I always see you making up for your mistakes when you make one; you don’t let any turnover keep you from getting the disc back on defense. You always know how to have a good time with the team and we have had a lot of fun these past two years.

Kirsten: You have been mom for our team this year. You always give us good support from the sidelines. You’re massages give us fresh legs every time, and your puppy chow and trail mix are the best carb loading snacks. When you play you can make us look like girls, you are always running your ass off. Keep supporting and playing with Tilt like you do, it has been much appreciated.

Those leaving us…

Keller: You are an awesome player and a great friend. You always have encouraging words for people when they need them. You play a shutdown defense; you are one of our best cup players and we are going to need to work hard to try and find a replacement for you in that cup. You make quick cuts and make great continuations. You’ve dedicated a lot of time to this team outside of practice as well. You challenge us to consume ludicrous amounts of alcohol while keeping composure and playing ultimate. Thanks for your all your commitment.

David Benda: You took on a role this year that was new to full tilt this year, coach. We all know it was difficult for you to have to sit out your last season with the team. You were dedicated enough to stay with the team and help us pull our shit together. Your coaching helped bring Full Tilt to a shot at making regionals. You brought our team together and led with example how to play competitively with good spirit. Thank you for your 5 (6?) years with Full Tilt and for your leadership this season.

Ted: It has been fun playing and partying with you the last two years. We know you were busy this spring and couldn’t join us at practice or tournaments. I know you wish you could have been playing but you had other responsibilities. We missed your height and long cuts in our tournaments this spring. Your personality and sense of humor made for some good times at practice and tournaments. We appreciate the hospitality at the Western Classic the last 2 years as well. Thanks for all your time playing with Full Tilt.

Condor: You are my favorite person to huck to. You can read a disc and get sky people better than anyone we played this weekend. You always play your heart out and come up with big points. You have committed your time and best effort to Full Tilt. I know we came within reach of regionals and came up short, but your playtime this weekend was phenomenal. We are all going to miss playing and partying with you next year. Thanks for being such a dedicated member of Full Tilt.

Kendall: It’s been awesome having you as a friend and teammate the past 2 years. You are a great player and you have been committed to this team. You’re playing with us in practice helped condition us and improve our game. I don’t remember playing D on anyone who could toast me as often as you do. You’ve always been a great person to party with and have late night conversations about how we could play Frisbee better. We’re going to miss your legs at practice in the fall. Thanks for coming out to play consistently.

Steve Caulkins: You’re fast, really fast. You are a great player in spirit and performance. You’re effort on the field is splendid (sometimes the thesaurus fails). You are a friendly guy and you’re great at encouraging us on the sidelines and field to keep our heads up and play hard. We’ll miss your mismatched socks and stylin’ suits next year. It’s always a fun time partying with you. Thanks for your commitment this year.

I also want to say that I’m not going to be attending SIU this fall. I’m probably going to be working and taking classes back home. I can’t say it’s likely that I’m going to be attending SIU for the spring semester, but that is what I’m hoping to do. I want to thank all of you for a great year. We had some fun times, and I’m sure we’ll have many more to come.

Thanks for a great year Tilt. I loved every minute of it, even if I do look like the apocalypse is coming in every single tournament picture. I was just worried. Optimus Prime: Terrorize!!!!!

Spring Update. Recaps and other nonsense.

April 2, 2010

I’m bored.  It’s Friday.  I’m at work.  Blog update time! Since we last left you humble readers (all 3 of them), the team has traveled to Chicago Invite and Mudbowl in Talladega, AL.


I could give you a game by game recap of the invite, but I’m not. Instead, I’ll just say, we went 4-0 and nobody scored an upwinder on us all day. We didn’t play as tough as competition as we would have liked however. I believe we were seeded somewhere near 60th out of 62 teams or somewhere around there. After pleading my case to the tournament director, they decided to move us up to 59th. Awesome! Thanks guys. This was the coldest tourney of all time. It seemed like it at least.  The highlight of my day was going to Wal-mart to buy warm dry socks, but the team stuck together and had good sidelines energy despite not being able to feel their feet.

Warms socks are pretty legit.


I really have no clue how the team got to Talladega in one piece; we didn’t lose anyone (Yash was sleeping the whole way).

Tennessee B

We woke up Saturday to a nice Alabama morning. Even though Alabama smells funny, the people are quite nice for the most part. Due to a scheduling change which the TD failed to relate very well to us, Tilt ended up rolling out of their cars and finding out we had a game that started 10 minutes prior. Most of the team was back at the hotel eating French toast sticks and bagels. So with no warmup and an undermanned team we went down to Tennesee B something like 5-2 before getting our legs underneath us and storming off 5 in a row to take the game 7-5. Tennesee also has sick jerseys. Thanks to them for understanding and not assessing points.

Wisconsin B

Yankees unite. The only two teams from North of the Mason-Dixon squared off in an intense game that featured both teams trading upwinders for a while until Wisco got three straight to break the 8-8 tie and take the game 11-8. This game was intense. In a good way. Both teams were fired up with active sidelines yelling and getting excited the whole way. This was the most spirited and intense game we had all weekend. After Saturday the Pimpdags and Tilt enjoyed some flip cup and good times. Good luck to Wisco-B in the series.

Mississippi State

I honestly don’t remember anything about this game other than the score was 13-9, I think we lost the flip, and the score actually got reported as 11-9. They were spirited and a good team to play.

Tennessee A

Wow. Tilt played really well this game, threatening the whole way. Agent Orange finally won 10-8, and we got baited a bit by taking the easy throw that their cup gave us. This trapped us against the crosswind sideline. Then we dropped a handler right behind the cup to get easy swings around it and the problem lessened a bit.

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy this game. Tennessee had one guy whose only job was to call travels. He was the monster in the cup, so sometimes  travel calls were from 30 yards away. There were a lot of legit calls, but also a lot of really questionable ones. This guy must have had some kind of superhuman vision, because even when the pivot foot was in taller patches of grass on a fairly barren field he could see some movement. Never mind  that no one within ten yards could see any movement. Seriously, the guy was half eagle. Most of these calls came mysteriously when we were breaking their cup upwind. Overall, I didn’t care for this team. (Some of the guys were pretty nice).

On Sunday we played a spirited Georgia Tech X and lost 13/12-9? We played well, maybe the best we have all tourney.  Tech won the tourney and we hung tough until their player with the 60 yard laser backhand into the wind won out. They were the most patient and skilled team we played all weekend. After that a decimated Tilt played Rolla, and despite feeling we could win this game, we played really poorly. We couldn’t catch or run and we lost 11-6. Most people just wanted to go home at this point. Rolla is always fun to play though so at least it was an enjoyable loss if there is such a thing. Up next: The SERIES! Until then.

Oh yeah, Giggles broke his nose and continued to play.

Spring Is Almost Here!

February 22, 2010

That means it’s time once again for some ultimate.  This weekend was great for Tilt. We got outside this weekend for two full practices of drills and scrimmaging, plus AJ dancing on a chair to Brittney Spears songs, and then breaking said chair because he fell off too many times (good times). Most  teams in our section have probably not had the luxury of 60 degrees  and sunny, but we have!

We need to get polished as fast as possible; we only have two tourneys before sectionals. Chicago Invite is a month away, and we want to take 17-20 guys. It’s a great sight watching Tilt guys sprint around the indoor track at the rec.  We need to keep doing it and throwing every chance we get.

Anyway, today at practice this rule dispute came up. Someone was standing over a disc on the ground and the marker immediately started stalling. The thrower complained “Hey man, you have to give me a countdown.” Well, both interpretations are wrong.  Here’s the rule as quoted by 11th edition rules.

If an offensive player unnecessarily delays putting the disc into play in violation of rule XIX.B, a defender within three meters of the spot the disc is to be put into play may issue a delay of game warning instead of calling a violation. If the behavior in violation of rule XIX.B is not immediately stopped, the marker may initiate and continue a stall count, regardless of the actions of the offense. In order to invoke this rule, after announcing delay of game, the marker must give the offense two seconds to react to the warning, and then announce disc in before initiating the stall count.

If for some reason you can’t understand that. It means if you are right over the disc, the marker can call delay of game, give the thrower two seconds, and then start stalling.

2009 FallSeason Recap

November 22, 2009

Ok, this will probably be my last post for the semester, so what better way to end than with a long winded rambling season recap. I never put up tournament previews for the fall because by and large they are generally worthless , where rosters are never finalized, and the pools don’t typically have great parity either. This was a weird season for me as I only got to play 3 whole points in practice one day due to a high ankle sprain at Cooler and then a torn ACL in practice the first day back (God I’m kicking myself for the decision to come back that day).

Fall 2009 wasn’t a great season for Full Tilt, nor was it a bad one.  We started off with huge numbers and the veterans were excited at the levels of focus and intenisty  brought to each practice. The numbers slowly faded throughout the semester, as we anticipated. One problem with being a developing program is that we had no one on the team who knew how to effectively keep new people involved during scrimmages when there are 40 people out for practice. Often they did not want to participate even after cajoling them to go in, and giving them affirmation that no one was going to get mad at them for mistakes. It worked out though, as the most competitive rookies ended up being the ones who stuck with it.

We still have no idea where we are at as a team. Essentially, we brought a split squad to every tourney this semester. For next semester there will be 3 pre-sectionals tournaments that people need to go to, no excuses. If you don’t go and you have a shitty excuse then you probably wont be called in for tight game lineups at other tournaments. You might be one of the best players out there, but if you are not going to tournaments then you’re not playing when its  crunch-time.  Nothing personal at all, but chemistry is a huge part of results on the ultimate field. Many people have brought this up as Revolver chose to scrap their normal rotations to give heavy playing time to their horses in  finals and some speculated they paid for it. It is ESSENTIAL that we go to a few tourneys full strength.

It seemed that almost every tourney we went to started out strong and then fizzled. We need more than 1o able bodied players. Also, focus on sidelines needs to improve if you are playing. I know it’s tempting to jack around with others when we bring a lot of people to watch, but it just feels disrespectful if you’re not involved in the game. I’m not trying to preach, but certain people on the team have come up to me and complained about it. It effects team morale, which is paramount. Also, I got reports from others on the team about being effected by other teams call and response cheers. First of all, don’t let a team’s cheer after every score get you down. Either get angry by it, or just realize that most teams that do call and response cheers look dumb.

The club season was interesting in that two teams using the vert stack made finals. I was impressed with Revolver’s O and ability to swing the disc. Chain seemed to grind the open side for hucks. Chain is also the most athletic team in the game and they knew it, so that helps. We run vert, but have to approach it differently than Chain because we are shorter and quick, so we have to use our break side effectively. We’re not gonna pull down the 50-50 discs at a really high rate.

The 2007 (6)?( I can’t remember) Carleton offense is still one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I will post something in a few weeks aobut working out and not becoming fat over winter for spring season, but for now, happy holidays everyone!

October 19, 2009

Hey Full Tilt,

Don’t become a sidelines only player like me and Mojo. Injury prevention is a big part of being an ultimate player. Our sport is unique in that we push our bodies extremely hard over the course of a weekend. First of all, everyone should be doing some kind of lifting. Muscle weakness is a huge reason for injury; just remember not to overdo it or else you risk an overuse injury or losing your recovery.

So please read these. I know a lot of you are borderline illiterate, but reading about these topics and focusing on them will be a lot better than getting injured.

This website rocks, especially this post.

This next link is for Danger, but you should all read it.  There are a lot more qualified people out there that say the same advice, but this guy put up youtube videos for all the streches so you can see how they are done.

Get ready for Glory Days……Yash.



September 16, 2009

We had a few rules questions at practice, so I figured I would post them for those who want. First off, Kendall was right. It is 90 seconds between pulls.

  1. The receiving team must signal readiness to play within seventy seconds after the previous goal was scored.
  2. The pulling team must release the pull before the later to occur of:
    1. ninety seconds after the previous goal was scored; or
    2. twenty seconds after the receiving team signaled readiness.

The next issue that came up was the topic of the delay (pre-stall) count needed before a defender could start stalling a live disc that was the result of a turnover.

If the disc comes to rest on the playing field proper, a member of the team becoming offense must put the disc into play within ten seconds after it comes to rest. After ten seconds elapse, a defensive player within three meters of the disc may announce disc in, and then initiate and continue the stall count, but only if a defensive player has given audible warnings of ten and five seconds (the pre-stall)

Basically it says that if the defender hasnt given you 5 and 10 second warnings then he/she cannot start a stall count.  If I understand it right, the only exception to this is if the offense is standing right over the disc delaying on purpose.  In that case the defense can call a violation and if the offense doesn’t pick up the disc then the stall count can begin. I may have misinterpreted this if someone out in webland feels like correcting me.

Anyway, for you nerds, the full 11th edition rules can be found here.